Integrating Management Resources and Processes for Results

Assess Your Needs

Do any of the following describe your organization’s current circumstances?

  • CFO is stretched with competing strategic priorities, creating gridlock in the finance function, and possibly beyond.
  • Organization needs a new accounting system, but needs detailed business analysis first.
  • Organization is undergoing rapid growth and needs interim support in revising and documenting business processes within accounting and with other departments.
  • Small organization is growing rapidly, and needs sustained support in evolving business practices and management culture.
  • Organization has taken on major new customer with complex contract requiring customization of workflows and internal controls to assure contractual compliance.
  • Organization has acquired another business, and is having difficulty  “digesting” the acquisition.
  • Organization’s budgetary practices are primitive; its strategic planning is non-existent, and it is outgrowing “intuitive entrepreneurial” management.
  • Organization has acquired new system, and new headaches in marrying it to the its business processes.
  • Organization has an information need not met by current systems, and needs an ad hoc or prototype solution to meet an immediate need, or define requirements for a system enhancement.
  • Organization has capable midlevel accounting personnel who can step up to higher level responsibilities with focused mentoring; and a CFO with the motivation and will, but not the time to do it.
  • CFO has a short to intermediate term project that requires focused attention that requires added support to meet the competing time requirements of the project and day-to-day operations.