Integrating Management Resources and Processes for Results


The relevant resource... the right time...

...appropriate to the need.

Integrated Management Controls provides the following services to clients:

Integrated Management Controls Services
Project Management When the organization needs a management generalist with a financial and information management orientation to implement a project across organizational lines.
Management Control Assessment Assessment, documentation and testing, whether for Sarbanes Oxley or other regulatory, contractual, or internal management needs.
Internal Auditing Operational or financial auditing for management's internal needs.
Excel Applications Ad-hoc information solutions, prototyping for application development, financial modeling, budgeting and data analysis applications.
Interim Financial Management Augmenting financial management, providing flexibility to meet immediate needs, and minimizing management staff growth.
Financial Staff Training and Mentoring

Good staff is an investment, not an expense. When the organization needs greater capabilities in financial staff, don't "trade up"; "train up". IMC can assist.